Cello Suite fragrance spray n.15 Vivaldi harmony

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Versatile fragrance spray for surfaces, curtains, sofas and car interiors. It gives your home a fresh scent while disinfecting and cleaning your environment.

Spicy and green notes introduce and highlight a strong floral body of jasmine and tuberose.
Jasmine has always been closely associated with the nocturnal world, dreams, the moon and its mysteries: It follows that its sweet and insinuating fragrance is able to enchant you and make you dream. Let’s not forget that Sheherazade, the narrator of the Thousand and One Nights, tells of long nights permeated with the scent of jasmine.

Head: anise, lilac, galbanum leaf
Heart: jasmine, tuberose
Base: sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk

Format 250ml – 500ml


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