Oriental is a very complex fragrance, with  aromatic  spicy and citrus notes that associated with the wood of guaiaco, which favourite  partner is the rose, which expands its own property and accompanies it in excellent way, in order to bring up the maximum giving it a sophisticated touch, thanks to its mysterious aroma. In particular, associated with ambra, patchouli and sandalo, gives depth to fragrance, making it intense and exotic.



Fragrance of intense structure.

Head: to the agrumed agreements, extracts from the bowls of the mandarin, are additional spicy notes, which pepper, walnut, and cinnamon.
Heart: notes happy harmonious from complex composition, like that of a bouquet of flowers, in which they are exalted, the most intense floral shades.
Bottom: sweet and muscled oriental notes, confided by the sandal and from the ambra, that conflict in the wood of guaiaco, from the very smell aromatic.

Useful advice
We suggest vaporizing the contents of the bottle at least 4/5 times each time you use it.