Cello suite n.7 woods harmony


All the materials used, of the highest and most precious quality level, give rise to real scent jewels, adaptable to any sector, inherent fashion and also any fields closely related to it, such as furniture in general and the varied world of hospitality.
In fact, the ancient trees that populate the forests, are the symbol of a force , which is also transmitted in the perfume that emanates, which confers a relaxing property and at the same time a greater determination.

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Ideal format
In order to obtain the best resolution for the fragrance, it is advisable to check the size of the environment, in which the fragrance is to be used.
250 ml > 7 – 11 mq 
500 ml > 21 – 26 mq 

Bottle in glass
Paper label
Cap in turned national walnut

Available in formats:
250 ml 
500 ml

Original glass bottle, finely crafted by skilled master glassmakers, made unique by the combination between the refined design of the Edion and the experience tested by centuries of tradition of the most renowned glass blowers in our territory, a forge of testimonies, which certify the procedures, of the most authentic craftsmanship and Italian excellence.
To highlight in particular the wooden cap, turned in national walnut, very valuable, made on request and design exclusively for Edion, by local master cabinetmakers. It stands out for its intense fragrance of centuries-old woods.