Scented candle Cello Suite n.15 Vivaldi Harmony

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Spicy and green notes introduce and underline a strong floral body of jasmine and tuberose.
Jasmine has always been closely associated with the nocturnal world, dreams, the moon and its secrets: It follows that its sweet and suggestive scent is capable of enchanting you and making you dream, enchanting. Let us not forget that Sheherazade, the narrator of the Arabian Nights, tells of long nights permeated by the scent of jasmine.


  • Top: aniseed, lilac, galbanum leaf
  • Heart: jasmine, tuberose
  • Base: sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk
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Each element used in this creation is characterized by a very high and precious level of quality, making this candle a real perfume jewel. Its elegance suits any context related to the world of fashion and related areas, including interior design in general and hospitality.

Available in the following formats

  • 180 g
  • 450 g
  • 1.5kg
  • 3kg
  • 9kg

Recommendations for use
Keep away from direct light and heat sources.