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EDION perfumes represents a universe in which materials, scents and colors of Tuscany meet and harmonize with spices, essences and Oriental influences. In particular are to be emphasized among the components the essential oils and precious extracts from Grasse in France, which complement and enhance the elements purely Tuscan. All aspects of production are still performed manually according to traditional methods, which require time, patience and meticulous care and attention.

Edion company luxury perfumes


Intensely aromatic woods, amber, incense, roses, come together in a unique and wonderful Olfactory alchemy, to give life to these wonderful products. EDION perfumes are born from the love of the founder for the creation of exclusive fragrances, Which have and continue to attract a loyal refined international demanding clientele. In addition, the production already has a Highly respected curriculum, as it can already boast a continuous collaboration, with fine brands from other sectors for which, exclusive and original fragrances have been made. All this through the use of personalized bottles or containers, specially designed made with the finest materials, such as precious Bohemia Crystals, and refined Crystals from Tuscany.

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